‘These are the three issues you need to focus on’ – Actor Yomi Fabiyi writes to VP Yemi Osinbajo

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has penned an open letter to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo on the three major things he needs to focus on as he resumes office for his second term.

According to Fabiyi, the VP needs to ensure that every child gets an education amongst other issues.

In his words

congratulations sir on your swearing-in for a 2nd term. My greetings to your wife and children. The essence of writing you are based on three issues: i) Compulsory Every Child Education, ii)Human Rights Protection, iii) Restructuring of Police Security’.

Penultimate 1983 Coup, Gen. Buhari rode on Corruption campaign. Sir, innocent children birth then are now full adults, worst with corruption either as leaders or masses. Something is not working.

Each corrupt leader emanates from the masses. Our collective backgrounds as Nigerians which education should be responsible for is destroyed. There are disfunctional syllabuses at the elementary stages in school. We urgently need a law that will make it criminal for a CHILD age 2-12years NOT GO TO SCHOOL. Compulsory BASIC EDUCATION is key.

Subjects MUST include Rights, Civic and Social education. If the next generation have these backgrounds across states, irrespective of religion or tribe, Nigeria is on the path of true development, peace and vastly reduced corruption. The system will be producing A BETTER SOCIETY. All political parties must key into this.

Restructuring Police security is non-negotiable. No government genuinely fights corruption with these kind of police services, stop fooling Nigerians. 98% of Police Stations do not have staff toilet, condusive cells, conference rooms, printers, laptops, internet etc. If a Professor is the 2nd man in a country(on 2nd term), it will be a shame her education and policing are like this. The overall Welfare, Training and Logistics of Police officers need quality upgrade. Declare State of Emergency on Education and Police asap.

Mr VP, look into the SERIAL HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES by Law Enforcements. Our score card is too low. Picture the pain, wailing, scars, agony of Nigerians in police stations. Battering with rods, tieing citizens upside down, multiple slaps and fists in the name of interrogation are criminal, injustice and killing patriotism. The extreme wickedness from Police, Army brings shame and dishonour to the flag and uniform. These brutalities from SARS etc is a tickling time bomb.

Wish you the best. UP IC!

Actor/Producer/Human Rights Ambassador