Ihedioha Threatens To Storm Okorocha’s Residence With Imo Citizens

Emeka Ihedioha

The Imo state governor, Emeka Ihedioha, says his next plan is to move into the Spibat residence of former governor Rochas Okorocha, with the “citizens.”

This was made known by the leader of recovery of government stolen properties, Jasper Ndubuaku, in continuation of recovery exercise to Vanguard.

According to Ndubuaku, this became necessary since the police refused to follow him and that the police were there when he was attacked earlier.

He said: “We have four-speed boat donated by NDDC, he took them to his house he doesn’t want to bring them. We use them for crossing at Oguta. In Owerri today, if you have a death street lights you can’t change them because the only vehicle that has that capacity has been there since Achike Udenwa, Okorocha, took it and he has not released it.

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“We have more than sixty vehicles packed in his house and these are the vehicles for government functionaries. All the protocol vehicles are still in his house, all the bulletproof cars are still in his house.

“What I have decided to do is from now on I will go with citizens and every move I make I will mobilize citizens to go with me since the police have refused to work or act in this thing I will now go with the citizens. They were there when I was attacked what did they do.”

“I came to Okorocha’s house to submit a court order and they say I came with thugs and some men he kept in his house jumped up and attacked me just like that. I was alone.”