Some Governorship Candidates Are Underaged — INEC


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says some of the candidates for the Bayelsa and Kogi governorship elections are below the age stipulated by the constitution.

This was revealed by Festus Okoye, chairman, INEC information and voter education committee, in a statement on Thursday.

The 1999 constitution stipulates that the required age for governorship position at 35, however,  Okoye said it was discovered that some of the successful candidates in the primary elections featured names of individuals who are below the age of 30.

“The Commission has observed from a preliminary review of the list and personal particulars submitted by the political parties that some of the Governorship and Deputy-Governorship candidates are below the minimum age prescribed by the Constitution for these positions,” he said.

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“The Commission will notify the concerned parties soon and subsequently consider further action.”

Okoye also said 52 political parties submitted the list of governorship candidates in Bayelsa while 49 did in Kogi state.

“Out of the 101 nominees for the two States, 91 are male, representing 90 percent, while 10 are female, representing 10 percent of all the nominees,” he said.

“Of the 52 nominees for Bayelsa State, 6 are female, while 46 are male. The corresponding figures for Kogi State are 4 female and 45 male nominees.”

The governorship elections will hold in both states on November 16, this year.