Actor Femi Branch Warns Collegaues About Social Media Wars

Femi Branch
Femi Branch

Nollywood actor Femi Branch has penned a lengthy piece on social media wars and its effect on brands.

With many entertainment stars having been involved in social media wars the past weeks, Branch advised his colleagues to embrace peace.

In his words;

“Social media is a crazy tool to handle. The internet never forgets. So, I keep warning people to be mindful of what they put out there. In the next 20 or 40 years someone out there would dig out against you.

“Nobody picks phone to call anybody again. Even birthday wishes are done only on Social media without even reaching out to the celebrant.

“Some time ago, I was on set and it one of the cast members birthdays, we all were together but we practically wished her happy birthday via social media only.

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“You have husband and wife sitting in the bedroom and chatting with themselves, instead of verbal conversation.

“I have begged my colleagues to always reach out people via a phone call if there’s an issue not bring all the dirty details to Instagram.

“They should note that nobody wins a social media war. In the course of the fight, a lot of things about your personal life might come out. People will keep it for you, until the day you guys are no longer in good terms.

“If you can’t give them, they won’t have anything to talk about. You mustn’t respond to whatever call out on Instagram.

“Even if you should, do make it official. Issue a press statement. Social media has ruined lots of relationships.”