Buhari Always Super Excited Whenever He Waves Goodbye To Nigeria: Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili, a former minister of education has taken a slight dig at President Muhammadu Buhari over “the pure joy that washes over his face, when he’s waving GoodBye from the steps of planes heading out of the country.”

President Buhari is currently in South Africa as part of his visit to the country over xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and how to proffer lasting solutions to problem.

Ezekwesili said Buhari loves the good life, yet has no empathy for ordinary Nigerians. She said it would be 2000 says since the Chibok girls were abducted by Boko Haram insurgents and they afe still no where to be found.

What she tweeted

Has anyone noticed the pure joy that washes over the face of our President @MBuhari when he’s waving GoodBye from the steps of planes heading out of the country?
Amazing. Truly amazing.
Mr. @NGRPresident undoubtedly loves the good life.
If only he’d Govern well! As in GOVERN WELL.

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The first and greatest failure of @NGRPresident was for me the total lack on character he showed and continues to show on the tragedy that befell our #ChibokGirls and their families.

How does @MBuhari sleep comfortably in #AsoRock knowing full well that he failed #ChibokGirls?

We have a President who takes lack of empathy to a record level.
Void of the emotional quotient necessary for successful leading of a country, @NGRPresident @MBuhari substitutes Good Governance with ceremonial proceedings of government— receive visitors and travel abroad.

I want to remind the @NGRPresident @MBuhari as he savors the grandeur of his latest ceremonial pomp and pageantry that our 112 ChibokGirls, #LeahSharibu &parents have their eyes fixed on him.

Saturday will be Day2000 since the Chibokgirls abduction.
Where are they, @MBuhari ?