Sex Tape Of Babcock Students Leaks Online


A video has surfaced online showing two Babcock students having sex in their school clinic without protection.

The video has since caused a stir online and is now trending as many have since begun to share their thoughts on the video.

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The video saw both students aware engaging in the sexual act without protection on and just the girl in it deciding on giving the young man orals just at the end, a move that many have since begun to clown on social media.


  1. Honestly, i condemn the act,but we are not saints,please i beg the management of babcock to recall the lady if she has been expelled.
    please girl is not actually herself now, she is really in shock with emotional trauma, if you do not recall her now,she could probably commit suicide.
    please management treat the lady as a daughter to a parents.
    management you are the lady’s guidance.
    please don’t let her die