Nigerian Woman In US Sent Home From Work For Wearing Hijab

Image result for Nigerian Woman In The US Sent Home From work For Wearing A HijabFolake Adebola, a Nigerian woman working in the US, was sent home from work for wearing hijab.

Adebola, also known as Stefanae Coleman, went to her workplace at Chicken Express in Texas, wearing her hijab when the company’s manager asked her to remove it for violating the organisation’s “dress code.”

Reacting to it via her Twitter handle, Coleman said, Lemme say this I converted in AUGUST I didn’t start working there till OCTOBER in the handbook they say they have “equal opportunity for every religion “ so yes I FELT comfortable working there. I told my manager that I am Muslim and that I was waiting on my hijabs to come in.

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She said things went south when she eventually started wearing hijab.

“I converted to Islam not too long ago and I started wearing my hijab, I went to work today and was kicked out because my hijab was not apart the “dress code” apparently and I wasn’t allowed to wear it. Don’t come to the chicken express in Fort Worth!!,” she said.

Her manager in a video shared online is heard saying, “Your job is your job. Your job has nothing to do with religion. The job requires a specific uniform. (The hijab) is not a part of the uniform; you as a paid employee cannot wear it. ”

Coleman, also narrating her experience with CNN, said, “Once I clocked in, the manager said ‘Take off anything that doesn’t involve Chicken Express,’ which I knew he was talking about my hijab. ”

“So I didn’t react, I just went to the back and took off my jacket and my purse. Five minutes later, he called me into the office telling me that I have to take it off because it’s not a part of the work uniform.”