PDP Blasts Buhari For Allowing His Daughter Use Official Presidential Jet

PDP Spokesperson, Kola ologbondiyan
PDP Spokesperson, Kola Ologbondiya

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari for authorising the presidential jet to chauffeur his daughter, Hanan, to an event in Bauchi state.

The opposition party described the development as a direct abuse of his office and completely improper.

In a statement on Saturday, the PDP asked the president to apologise to Nigerians who look up to him in terms of integrity, uprightness and respect for rules.

The statement read partly thus: Presidential Jet: The PDP states that President Buhari directly abused his office and exhibited the worst form of corruption by detailing the officially restricted Presidential jet to chauffeur his daughter, Hanan, reportedly, for her private photography event in Bauchi state.

The party describes the action as provocative, condemnable, completely improper and an unpardonable slap on the sensibility of millions of Nigerians, particularly, the youths, who look up to Mr. President for integrity, uprightness and respect for rules.

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The PDP holds that the development is a strong pointer to the recklessness that pervades the Buhari Presidency and the indefensible annexation of our national assets and resources for illegal private use.

It is even most appalling that instead of apologizing to Nigerians, the Buhari Presidency, in its arrogance, is resorting to falsehood and trying to justify the inexcusable.

Our party holds that Mr. President should apologise for approving that her daughter uses the Presidential jet just for the purpose of allegedly taking photographs in a Durbar event in Bauchi state.

Perhaps, the Buhari Presidency forgot that it is public knowledge that the Presidential fleet can only be authorized for use by the President, the First Lady, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, former Presidents, Presidential delegation and no one else.

Moreover, the rules do not grant the President any powers to transfer any paraphernalia of office or privileges of his position to any of his children.