Shocking Details About Suspected Killers Of LASU Final Year Student Emerge

It has been revealed that Ms Bola Adeeko and son, Owolabi Adeeko, 23, the suspects who murdered a final year Theatre Arts student, Lagos State University, Ojo, Miss Favour Daley – Oladele, live in a ‘face – me – and -face -you’ rented apartment in Konifewo in Ijako area of Sango – Ota, Ogun State.

The suspects had gruesomely murdered Miss Favour Daley-Oladele(22), after luring her to a white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun State, where he brutally murdered her while she was asleep by using a pestle to crush her head.

The mother and son reportedly ate a concoction prepared with the breasts, heart and liver harvested from their victim.

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The pastor of a white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun, Segun Philip, who slit the girl’s throat, cut her open and pulled out her heart, breasts and other organs then fed them to Owolabi and his mother, Ms Bola.

The development had stirred the attention of many Nigerians who have called for justice for the slain girl.