The Spirit Did Not Bring Any Money – Prophet Who Aided In The Killing Of LASU Student

Segun Philips, Favour Oladele
Segun Philips, Favour Oladele

The white-garment church Prophet, Segun Philips, who worked with Adeeko Owolabi and his mother Bola in killing a final-year student of the Lagos State University (LASU) Favour Daley-Oladele, has shared his side of the story,

According to Philips, the money-ritual they embarked on did not work out.

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In his words;

“What Owolabi and I discussed is that when they use the concoction once, the money will come once, but his mother doesn’t know that; we just told her that when she uses it, she will be receiving contracts from everywhere.

“But the spirit did not bring money at all, the ritual did not work.”

Owolabi on his part, expressed regrets over the sad act, he said;

“There was a well there already which the church was planning on using but they abandoned it for years. It was there we put the remaining part of her body then I covered it with sand.

Owolabi said that “my dad has lost his job for some years and my mum has been the one helping the family; she also lost her job, but she started doing some contract jobs. After some time, she stopped receiving contracts.

“From that day, I started regretting my action, even before we were arrested.”

Favour dad while speaking on the sad incident said;

“It is quite emotional, having raised that girl for that number of years; Favour happens to be a golden girl to the family. We waited for some years before having her, she went to school and when we envisaged that in a few months, she will be going for her NYSC, and start celebrating a female graduate in the house, then some people conspire to kill her is touching.

“All we want is justice for Favour and I believe it will serve as a deterrent to others who are in this kind of thing.”