You Fasted And Prayed But Still Got Denied Visa – Reno Omokri Gives Reason For This

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Author Reno Omokire has taken to social media urging people to be more thankful for God’s blessing over their lives.

According to Reno, many do not even know just how much God’s grace they have.

Sighting visa procurement as an example, Reno said many fasted and prayed but still was not given a visa to Italy or Spain as they applied for. He added that many became sad not knowing God was in fact saving them from death.

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In his words;

”You fasted, prayed and sowed a seed for a visa to Italy. You got denied and your faith disappeared. You stopped reading Scripture and believing. Then, #CoronaVirus happened. Better thank God for protecting you from what you thought you needed! You only see yesterday and today. God sees, yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is why you got denied that job or visa that would have taken you to Spain or England. If not for God, by now, instead of celebrating your first salary, your family may have been marking your funeral
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