How To Use Disposable And Cloth Face Masks: NCDC

Osagie Ehanire
Osagie Ehanire , Minister of health

The Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) has explained the correct ways to use both disposable and reusable face masks.

As face mask is one of the most vital materials to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), therefore becomes pertinent to learn the correct way to use it.

The agency took to its Twitter handle to explain how best to use both disposable and reusable face masks.


✅Wash hands before touching

✅Cover your nose & mouth; make sure no gaps remain

✅Avoid touching mask while it is on

✅Replace once it becomes damp & do not reuse

✅Remove the mask from behind & discard in a closed bin; wash hands


✅You must still wash your hands before wearing & after removal of reusable cloth face masks & avoid touching while in use

✅Cloth masks should be washed thoroughly with soap or detergent after each use

✅Allow to completely dry in the sun before reusing

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