I Am Totally Against Beating A Child – Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama
Victoria Inyama

Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has reacted to the viral video of a father hitting his son for failing his exams and passing only music.

A video had emerged online showing a father hitting his son after he paid $21,000 on tuition only for his son to not show up for his exams.

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Reacting, Inyama stated that she is totally against beating a child adding that;

”I am totally against beating a child & research has proved that beating damages children & breeds them into Violent Adults!

”Parents should Recognise & Respect children’s feelings! Teach their children how to manage conflicts & Negative feelings without Violence!!
Violence is learned Behavior! Pinker 202:178, 308.

”Children that grow up with Physical punishments as the norm also take out their frustrations on others …The brain reacts to environmental challenges in various conscious ways/actions, levels of Norepinephrine & Dopamine often rise to produce a type of

”Aggression. 💥 Coercive Parenting is Wrong!!!
Parents that beat haven’t learnt to Regulate their own feelings & use appropriate strategies!! 💥 Beating a child incubates Aggression & conduct disorder, Depression, lack of confidence, drug addiction, hostile & lack of good communication skills!! 💥 A child that is trained through violence will always use violence to communicate because they don’t how else to manage conflict!!

”The more physical & verbal abuse a child gets. The more they expect it, the more they Rebel & become Defiant… 💥 Aggressive behaviour is the result of CHRONIC MISTREATMENT, McBurnett et al.2000.”