PDP Slams FG Over Fake N500bn Social Intervention Fund

The Peoples Democratic Party has described the All Progressive Congress-led government N500 billion social intervention fund to cushion the effect of stay at home over the novel coronavirus as a hoax and an act of fleecing Nigerians.

This was contained in a statement on the official Twitter handle of the party on Monday, 6th April.

“COVID-19 Exposes APC-led FG’s Social Intervention as Hoax…Berates APC For Fleecing Nigerians

“The @OfficialPDPNig says the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the much-hyped social intervention programmes of the @OfficialAPCNg and its government as a total hoax.

“Our party holds that @OfficialAPCNg leaders and the cabal have been fleecing our nation through the social incentives program rather than deploying it to benefit the people.

“The @OfficialPDPNig said the manifest failure of the much-orchestrated COVID-19 social palliatives to reach Nigerians, contrary to claims by the @OfficialAPCNg-led administration,…

“… also validates allegations that the @OfficialAPCNg has been using ghost beneficiaries to siphon government resources.

“The party described as alarming and revealing that not even a handful of Nigerians has acknowledged receiving any social panacea from government despite claims by officials, of having paid out billions of naira as palliatives to individuals and households.

“The @OfficialPDPNig invites Nigerians to note how officials of the @OfficialAPCNg-led administration fraudulently sidestepped extant financial regulations and illegally resorted to cash disbursements,…

“… directly by a cabinet minister, instead of using Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cash disbursement facility.

“Such was part of the design to use few unsuspecting Nigerians to circumvent the system, muddle up financial documentation and accountability processes and facilitate the siphoning of huge chunk of the palliative fund.

“Such practice directly points to fraudulent diversion of funds by @OfficialAPCNg leaders, who have been using the same template of the discredited social investment programmes, which had been exposed by the First Lady, @aishambuhari, as a fraud, when she, last year,…

“… revealed that the N500bn Social Investment Programme of the @MBuhari administration was not getting to the target beneficiaries.

“The public can now see how the @OfficialAPCNg-led administration has been using the names of poor Nigerians to loot our national treasury and fritter away billions of naira to finance their wasteful lifestyle while majority of our citizens wallow in hardship and abject poverty.”