COVID-19: Nigeria Now Fighting Anti-Church Virus – Oyedepo

David Oyedepo
Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo has again lashed out at the governments of Lagos and Ogun states over the continuous closure of churches.

The founder of the Living Faith Church International aka Winners’ Chapel in his sermon on Sunday, June 28, alleged that Lagos and Ogun have been inflicted with the anti-church virus rather than the coronavirus pandemic.

Oyedepo wondered why marketplaces where people no longer observe social distancing or hygiene will remain open while churches have not been allowed to reopen.

He said: “No hand-washing, no nothing. Everyone is in the market running over each other every day of the week and there is no outbreak from the market but perceived outbreak from the church. Prophets are God’s voices to the nations. Caution! Now, freedom of worship is no longer a constitutional right but now determined to buy some individuals. It is a hard thing to kick against the priest. This is no longer coronavirus in Lagos and Ogun. It is now the anti-church virus clean and clear.”

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He also claimed that 10 members of his church testified to being healed from the disease in the last week. Oyedepo insisted that there would have been more testimonies if churches have been allowed to reopen.

He added: “Can anybody silence the church? Never! I have never heard of anybody that God healed in the market but people get healed in every church day and night, real tangible healing. We have recorded 114 coronavirus healing testimonies. We got 10 this week. And that is the place that is vulnerable, not the market.”