Criminals Should Not Enjoy Support From Any Ethnic Group – Lawan

Criminals Should Not Enjoy Support From Any Ethnic Group – Lawan
Ahmad Lawan

President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan has stated that criminals should be allowed to face the full wrath of the law and not enjoy any special support from any ethnic group.

He stated this at his speech presented as he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Telegraph at the Federal Palace Hotels in Lagos on Friday.

Lawan urged all Nigerians to be united and undivided as a people so as to fight insecurity.

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“Crime committed by anyone is crime. If someone from an ethnic group commits a crime he is a criminal. Is that not what he is? It doesn’t matter. The country is supposed to fight against that person. Criminals should not enjoy any support from any group even if it is from their ethnic group.

“Nigeria faces security challenges, but I feel there is certainly determination by all levels of government to fight the insecurity that we face. In some areas, we succeeded; in others, we are still working hard to succeed. What is important is for us to think to remain focused, undivided and united as a people.”



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