Didi Ekanem Is Thankful After Fire Incident (Video)

Actress Didi Ekanem is thankful to God after her house was gutted by fire a few days ago.

The star was reduced to tears after finding out all her belongings are gone due to the incident.

The actress watched her house being razed by fire and many of her fans sent their wishes to her.

In a recent post, Didi shared a video showing off her house after the fire.

She lamented bitterly of how much stuff she has lost but at the end, she is still grateful.

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The star said she knows she did not have enough but the little she had, was enough for her and losing it is so painful.
She said she is hurt and heartbroken but she is happy.
“A BLESSING IN DISGUISE ! 🙏I didn’t have so much , but the little I had was enough for me. Imagine loosing the little you have but guess what….. GOD IS STILL GOD ! I’m hurt , I’m heartbroken,and at the same time…. I am even more than happy because this is nothing compared to what is about to come.”

Didi made it clear this is challenging for her but she is ready to prove to God that she is capable of handling the blessing he’s about to send to her.

“This happens to be my biggest challenge yet… and I’m ready to prove to God that I am capable of Handling the blessing He’s about to send to me. Job suffered way more still, he remained loyal to God without a question. The devil is trying so hard to distract me from receiving my blessing but I’m ready for this lord . I cannot question why a house I just moved into barely a year should get burnt, rather I say thank You Lord 🙏”

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