Former Dowen College Teacher Reveals Shocking Details About Sylvester’s Death

Ex-Teacher At Dowen Reveals Shocking News About Sylvester‘s Death

A previous educator at Dowen College has opened up on his encounters in the school and what caused him to leave the school.

The previous Dowen educator had to share his experience following ruckus via web-based media about the severe passing of 12-year-old understudy, Sylvester, and his mission for equity.

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The unidentified previous staff connected with Beyond Intimacy to share his difficulty while working at the school.

He wrote;

“Good morning beyond intimacy. I’m happy that you joined in dragging Dowen College. I once worked there. I flogged a boy that I caught deeping his fingers in the an*s of another junior student.

Could you believe that his parent came to school few days later and wanted to arrest me if not for the intervention of the Management who said I must kneel down and apologize to the child in question.

The humiliation was so much for me, in as much as I refused to do it. I resigned….so many kids in Dowen are potential murderers. God bless you for speaking out. Let’s not even talk about boys who are being forced into homosexuality by their seniors. These people having govt backup. Pls hide my identity pls. I beg you,” he discreetly share to Beyond Intimacy.


  1. This information is not true as it shows cooked and misguided. The management of the school knew the teacher who refused to kneel down for student caught in the said act likewise the parents of the said student.