Democracy Has Been Restored In Imo State: Gov Uzodinma

Democracy Has Been Restored In Imo State: Gov Uzodinma
Hope Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma has declared that his government has succeeded in restoring democracy in the State.

The Governor made the declaration during the State’s sixth stakeholders meeting involving leaders drawn from across the State.

Uzodinma expressed that his government was founded on the democratic principles of open, transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance.

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He said, “I am sure that many of us will readily recall that there was once upon a time, when the governance process of Imo State was shrouded in secrecy. Not only did Imo people not know how their State was governed, there was in fact a big wedge between the people and the government.

“So wide was the wedge that those who attempted to cross it to know what was happening in government got marooned in it. I challenge anyone to produce one single document of the previous administration where it showcased its report card to the people of the State.

“It was this regrettable state of affairs that informed my resolve to run an open, transparent, accountable and inclusive government. As you very well know, on each of the six occasions we have met, I have documented an address detailing an account of my stewardship. This is accountability in action.

“So, I can proudly declare at this point that with your support we have restored democracy to Imo State, because we have restored the process of open, accountable and inclusive governance. Yes, we have banished the dark ages of government by necromancy and replaced it with the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Congratulations to all of us.”