Utomi Urges Diaspora To Help Save Nigeria

Utomi Urges Diaspora To Help Save Nigeria

Professor Pat Utomi, a political economist, told a mixed audience of Nigerians in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday that they had a responsibility to promote a massive intervention to save Nigeria.

Professor Utomi said the clarion cry had become necessary after seeing the bleak picture of where Nigeria could be going under the current political leadership, which has left insecurity, poverty, unemployment, and rage as the nation’s key landmarks.

At the event, he noted that the diaspora remit more money home than Nigeria earns from crude oil sales.

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The former presidential adviser and public intellectual, who is leading a shadow government of a coalition of national redemption movements, said the diaspora were high stakeholders with a moral obligation to help halt the drift in Nigeria.

According to him, the diaspora, which has higher competencies and a global network but is being blocked from their natural role in national rejuvenation by professional politicians in Nigeria who thrive on exclusion to achieve state capture, deserves a place at the table.

This is as he lamented that this political class, which continues to exclude women, youth and intellectuals, while incorporating drug barons and fraudsters, works hard to deny diaspora voting rights which many African countries allow and encourage.