Govs Should Determine How Local Councils Run –Fayemi


Ekiti State Governor and Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Kayode Fayemi, has stated that there is no part of the constitution that says the local governments are the third tier of the federal system of government that the country operates.

Fayemi argued that the current federal structure only recognises the federal and state governments.

He also denied that governors frustrate the local governments by spending their statutory allocations.

He noted that the state government, headed by a governor, should be at liberty to determine how local councils in the state are operated.

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The governor stated this on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics monitored by our correspondent from Abuja.

When asked why state governments and governors are stifling the local governments, Fayemi said, “I am a student of Political Science, so allow me to always return to the basic principles. Today in Nigeria, the local government is not a tier of government; it is an administrative vehicle for delivering on what the citizens within those jurisdictions would like to see.

“Federalism is a two-tier system: you have the Federal Government and you have the state government. The state government should be at liberty, in my view, to determine the number of administrative units they want to have within their geographic space in order to know how effective they would be. You have some states where what is most effective is the town’s union.”