‘Women Get Spiritual Husbands From What They Put On’ – Counselor

Charlotte Oduro
Charlotte Oduro

A Ghanian counsellor Charlotte Oduro has shed more light on spiritual marriage in a new interview, saying spiritual husbands come from what we wear.

According to Oduri, who was dragged by Nigerian singer  Simi for saying women should submit and pamper their cheating husbands, stated that jewellery women sometimes wear also attract spiritual husbands.

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She said in the interview at Hitz FM;

“There are spiritual things we need to be careful about, we cannot forgo them. There are spirits that hover around, they are always there every day. They are there to get more souls. They are ready to get those who are ready for them to possess. Sometimes you buy jewelries, you don’t know where you bought it from. Then when you put it on, when they walk, they see you are their own because that jewellery is coming from their camp, so they connect straight ahead and they marry you.

“You ask, you don’t know what is happening, so sometimes you are wet. Don’t joke with spiritual marriage, it happens on the things we put on, the things we do and how we go naked because we want to look slay. What are you slaying, are you slaying your br*ast ? Or you slaying your back, you want people to know you have a tattoo on your back. Be careful, it is not what people are doing you need to do. You will do it before you know it, strange spirits will just enter you and then you have issues of spirits sleeping with you.”