Toyin Abraham’s Husband Reacts To Lizzy Anjorin’s Defamation

Kolawole Ajeyemi, the husband of actress, Toyin Abraham, has reacted to the on-going saga between his wife and fellow colleague, Lizzy Anjorin.

Kolawole Ajeyemi and Toyin Abraham
Nollywood couple, Kolawole Ajeyemi and Toyin Abraham

Information Nigeria recalls Anjorin had an exclusive interview where she called Abraham all sort of names because the latter filed a defamation lawsuit against her.

In reaction, Ajeyemi took to Instagram to publicly express his displeasure over this while sharing some words of wisdom.

The actor wrote;

“In the year 1997 when i joined the film industry i gathered alot of experience and training until till now that the world becomes a place of social media, i could remember there was not Instagram Twitter and Facebook or whatsoever then and even if there was, its not generally used as we do this days. Celebrities those days are like small gods which people dont just have access to as it is now, that was because there was nothing like social media then. BABA Eda onileola that did OGBORIELEMOSO is from my home town OGBOMOSO i couldn’t access him despite i wanted to join the industry.

Our whole life is now on the internet. Many families are ruined because of social media, many marriages and lifes are shattered because of social media. Internet is very Good but at the sametime INTERNET AS DONE MORE EVIL THAN GOOD. I could remember then in that year when i wanted to join the industry Uncle Yomi faslanso @gone niyomifashlanso1 asked me what my motives of joing the industry and i said am here so that i can teach people, then he said what training do i have that makes me think i can teach people, i finally replied and said to him i want to teach people just like one of the movies you featured in titled ASE ORO did.

We are meant to teach people how to live BUT to my greatest surprise we suposed teachers of good thoughts and good deeds are now the ones misleading the nation with the use of the social media.

Aunty faitha @faithiawilliams once said and i quote “We have more life to live than SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE” My personal perspective of film industry is that is a citadel of learning and experience for a better life. We ought to have use social media for more useful and impactful things and not this misbehaviour.

We are called celebrities because many people look up to us and want to be like us. why are will misleading this people, we are meant to be good teachers and not bad influence to the society. please and please lets have a change mind set to do good, if not for anything for the fact that people are looking up to us in so many ways of life God bless you all

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