Why Thunder Mysteriously Struck Dead 36 Cows In Ondo

Thunder Strikes Cows dead in Ondo
Thunder Strikes Cows dead in Ondo

Some indigenes have given an insight as to why 36 cows were mysteriously killed on Okeowa hill in Ijare, Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, last weekend.

According to locals, the herders killed a big python on the Okeowa hill, adding that the killing of the snake, is a taboo and against the tradition of the community.

The death of 36 cows was confirmed by the traditional ruler and people of the community, saying they desecrated the Okeowa hill, where sacrifice is made every year by their monarch.

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However, another resident of the town attributed the death of the cows to his own people who have abandoned the annual ritual at Okeowa hills.

“When you get to the palace, ask them when last they worshipped on Okinawa,” he said.