My Husband Tears My Money Into Pieces When Angry, Wife Tells Cout

Naira notes
Naira notes

A 25-year marriage between Kikelomo and her husband, Joseph Ogundele was on Friday dissolved by an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, the marriage was dissolved on grounds of frequent beating, provocation, no rest of mind and destruction of her property by her husband.

Kikelomo, 40, a resident of No. 10, Omisanjana in Ado-Ekiti, had explained to the court that she left her husband sometime in 2014 and remarried in 2018.

She revealed that she was a food vendor when they were together while her husband was a carpenter, and things weren’t very well with them.

She even explained that she bought him two cars just so he would be busy and she would have peace of mind.

She also explained that, there was another time she bought three different motorcycles for him for commercial operation, saying he sold the motorcycles without her knowledge.

Kikelomo narrated how she gave her husband money to buy land and paid for the land in her presence, but he later went back to collect the money without her knowledge.

She noted that her husband had said severally told her that he would not accept for her to be wealthier than him.

The mother of four also told the court that, whenever her husband was angry, he would tear all the money she realised in her business into pieces.

“There was a day his friend advised me to get a land and develop it, but my husband got to know later and told me to leave his house.

“When I did not pack out, he packed out and went to live in another woman’s house,” she said.

She, therefore, prayed the court to separate them and award the custody of the last two children to her.

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However, the husband, Joseph Ogundele, 50, a resident of Gbohunalore Street in Ado-Ekiti, denied all the allegations, saying it was adultery on the wife’s part that was causing their incessant fight.

He, therefore, supported the separation and urged the court to award the custody of his last three children to him.

President of the Court, Mrs, Olayinka Akomolede, observed that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved it.

Akomolede ruled that custody of two children should be awarded to the respondent, while the third was awarded to the petitioner but that the respondent shall be paying the sum of N5,000 for the monthly feeding allowance of the child who is under the custody of the petitioner.