Sowore’s Rearrest: Nigerians Used Their Hands To Elect A Snake As President: Omokri

Omoyele Sowore while DSS tried to arrest him
Omoyele Sowore while DSS tried to arrest him

Following the now-viral news that Omoyele Sowore, convener of ReviolutionNow, has been rearrested by DSS inside the courtroom, Reno Omokri(a former presidential aide) has reacted by saying Nigerians used their own hands to elect a king and as such he does not have much to say.

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Speaking via his official Twitter handle, he concluded by asking them to enjoy the lovely bite from the snake.

He wrote:

“All these people asking me to talk, what do you expect me to say? You willingly used your own hand to make a snake your king and you are surprised when it is biting everybody? What else do you expect from a snake, than to bite? Enjoy your snake!”


  1. Omokiri you don’t have to back out because you where sometime aids to a president and you allowed him to conceded defeat you follow cause these mess so you don’t have to back out UNTILL ever thing is fix back please and please don’t stop unto our country is restructured