‘Apart From Baba Ijesha, A Neighbor And Security Guard Also Harassed My Daughter,’ Princess Tells Court

'Apart From Baba Ijesha, A Neighbor And Security Guard Also Harassed My Daughter,' Princess Tells Court
Baba Ijesha, Comedian Princess

Comedienne Princess has revealed that her 14-year-old foster daughter was also harassed by two other men.

Princess shared this testimony before the Ikeja Special Offences Court.

The defence team of Baba Ijesha had on Tuesday alleged that the 14-year-old daughter of the actress and comedienne was harassed by two other men.

The lead defence counsel, Mr Babatunde Ogala (SAN), made the allegations on Tuesday during the trial of Baba Ijesha over six-counts of defilement.

While cross-examining Princess, he said that the 14-year-old girl was molested by Mr Damola Adekola, Princess’s neighbour and one man known simply as Okele, Princess’s security guard.

When Princess was asked who Adekola was, she described him as her neighbour who she also regarded as a brother. She said that they also ran a haulage business together.

Responding to why Adekola was arrested by the police in April, Princess said: “He was arrested because I reported him to the police that in December 2020, he attempted to harass my daughter. He did not molest her, he harassed her by putting his hand on her laps and told her to put her hands on his manhood, but she said no and she raised an alarm. I reported to the police when I found out.

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I asked them to go to bed and when it was 9.30 p.m., I asked him (Adekola) to still check up on them to ensure that they are still out watching cartoons after their bedtime. She told me what happened on April 20 or 21 (after Baba Ijesha’s arrest). That was the only attempted harassment that happened in my house.”

“The other one happened when I sent her to his (Adekola’s) house, he attempted to grab her, she screamed and ran upstairs. This was around late December 2020, I also found about it at the police station,” she said.

On Okele, the security guard, Princess said that he did not molest her daughter but that he exposed himself indecently to the child.