Actor Michael Ejoor Sends Message To Nigerian Men

Actor Michael Ejoor has taken to his Twitter page to update Nigerians on how he cried four times in a day while advising other men.

The Nollywood actor noted that it is ok for a man to cry, and they shouldn’t let anybody tell them otherwise.

In his advise to men, Micheal stated that he cried 4times yesterday and he felt really good.

He said his manhood is still there and he is looking forward to cry more.

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In his tweet, Michael Ejoor said, “My fellow kings, Don’t let anyone tell you “You’re a man” Don’t cry.I cried 4 times yesterday, and it felt amazing! I am looking forward to doing it now and again tbh. And guess what, my penis is still there. All 9 inches of it.“

However, some Instagram users agreed with the actor, as they advised fellow men to follow his advice, stating that crying actually helps relieve pain.