Ozekhome On Insecurity: Buhari Missing In Action — Someone Should Wake Him Up

Ozekhome On Insecurity: Buhari Missing In Action — Someone Should Wake Him Up
Mike Ozekhome

A senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mike Ozekhome has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over the insecurity challenges facing the country.

The lawyer made this criticism in a statement on Wednesday.

Ozekhome stated that it is clear that Nigeria is “not working”, while the president seems not to be fully aware of the current situation.

“It is quite clear now that Nigeria is not working. The fault lines are widening and deepening on a daily basis. Our federalism has been unitarised. There is supposed to be a president, an executive president for that matter. But, he is glaringly missing in action, cocooned away in Aso Villa from his electors and Nigerian citizens,” he said.

The senior advocate maintained that the seeming inaction of the president will have negative effects on the country if not urgently addressed.

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“There may be no country called Nigeria in the foreseeable future if someone does not wake up President Buhari from his deep slumber and self-denial,” he wrote.

“The man is recluse, taciturn and cocooned in his world of illusion and delusion. He is impervious to Nigerians’ cries and gnashing of teeth. Buhari relishes it.

“But, hiding behind a finger as he is currently doing in the wishful thinking that he will one day wake up and suddenly discover that the insecurity challenges have vanished into thin air, is no option at all.

“He needs to urgently wake up to his call of duty, walk the talk of his electioneering campaign promises and think outside the box. AN IMMEDIATE DECLARATION OF A NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY ON INSECURITY MUST BE ACTIVATED NOW.

“Otherwise, Nigeria may be consigned to the vehicle of historical oblivion or dustbin of history. The clock is ticking very fast.”